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Company Profile

The company was founded on May 9, 2002 by Yushu, with a capital of 3 million yen. The office is located at 2-13 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

The business spans a variety of services, including advertising, Internet business, specialty product sales, antiques, management consulting, and real estate.

YUSHU's World

About Mr.YUSHU

Yushu was born on August 8, 1967. He is a producer in his company. He has a variety of hobbies e.g. music listening, sports, driving, gourmet, etc. His blood type is A.

Yushu has unique talent in talking, viewing and doing under various aspects. As soon as he starts talking, surrounding people are fascinated. His ultimate collection of music records called THE YUSHU’S WORLD has been achieved with his massive enthusiasm and extraordinary sensitivity. He is also recognized as a very able producer with strong leadership.

His friends are often surprised at the big gap between his official phase and private phase. He always tries to enjoy 100% his private time.

He is a perfectionist in that respect. This vitality is based on his enthusiasm to music that he always loves.

Yushu has made up an enormous collection of music record. He has collected almost uncountable number of records from the world with premium value, and displays them systematically in his music gallery. Visitors to his gallery wonder at seeing them. All walls around the room from the ceiling down to the floor are filled with records. Most of them are highly valuable not only as music but also in jacket design.

Visitors cannot afford to think of good or bad of the designs but just admire them. This is really the place that anyone even outsiders like me can spend some happiest moments.

It is highly appreciated that Yushu has decided to open his collection to the public through this home page. His further dream is to get into publication and broadcasting, and build a museum with music cafe in the end. We look forward to that day.


Currently, there are various types of music software, and many will be developed in the future. Compared to vinyl chloride disks called records, CDs and downloaded music are overwhelmingly superior in terms of operability and versatility, and above all, since the sound source is read digitally, there is no damage to the board due to the record needle.

In this situation, rocks of the 60’s and 70’s, which entrusted their dreams and principles to records and jackets, became far from being relevant. Certainly, major artists’ products are being sold one after another on CDs and downloadable music, but the rock scene has not continued to this day solely due to the success of such big players. Many of them were born and lost in the underground, and they were too early to be recognized and disappeared. Because of the efforts of the artists of that era, the industry people around them, and the designers, rock music like today has become a big business, and given its roots, it naturally turns to this era.

Those who were engaged in rock music market had no money at that time. It is still true more or less even today, though. The reason behind is that the psychedelic music came up from the hippie movement in the late 60th and early 70th are reviving and appreciating recently.

Rock music is diversifying and giving more influence to the society. New bands are coming up one after another, and new records are relieved. Record makers have wishes to introduce more records with new attempts to stimulate the boom, but the sales do not follow. Makers have no way to let the funs know the new records that they are going to launch with confidence. Under such a circumstance, the importance of record jacket is increasing.

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